Our Story


Our work began in December 2015 as a grassroots community-led volunteer group in response to the growing vulnerability of Sudanese refugees in Jordan. A group of the Jordanians, aid workers, journalists, researchers, and activists created a purely volunteer-led emergency assistance initiative that mobilized members of the host community in supplying food/winter clothing, coordinated advocacy efforts, and resettlement advocacy on behalf of the Sudanese.  Two years later, this initiative has grown into a non-profit organization focusing on all marginalized refugees and impoverished Jordanians.

Today, Sawiyan works to support underserved communities through:

                  - Collaboration with the neighborhoods, community leaders where African refugees live to develop community led advocacy, reporting, and anti-discrimination education, and assistance for them. 

                  -Advocating for and raising awareness of the communities we serve among aid organizations, donors and policy makers in Jordan and abroad.

                  -Strengthening referral systems whereby members of these communities are integrated into programs by international and local aid and civil society organizations.

                 -Conducting self-development trainings to members of the community aimed at (a) increasing the employability of Jordanian members and (b) preparing refugee communities for resettlement

                -Trainings in partnership with local charities and civil society to help aid neighborhoods, civil society, and government entities to better organize, mobilize, and carry out charitable drives and advocacy efforts on behalf of their community’s most vulnerable.

                - On-going reporting, social mapping, and needs assessment in order to better inform and support local/humanitarian capacity to provide, advocate for, and protect those Sawiyan works with.


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What is the meaning of Sawiyan?

Sawiyan is an Arabic word meaning "To come together, to meet your fellow man on the same level, to cultivate community, or equality".

We chose this name because it symbolizes so much of how we've used the power of community and coming together to mobilize support to those in need. It also symbolizes our conviction to partner with the diverse communities of Jordanians, internationals, and the displaced to work towards creating a world where all are treated equally, can be prosperous, and feel affirmed/protected in the communities they live.